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our company was established in 1996 in shenzhen, mainland china, as a manufacturer of sound modules, recordable modules and flashing modules, ic bonding, cob bonding, pcb bonding, pcba assembly, order to meet the ever-increasing demand from our customers, we expanded our capacity by setting up plastic injection moulds for our own production plants. with over 15 years of solid experience and knowledge in this industry, we have no problem to meet your scope includes: a. development / sale / deputy consumer ic / cob (for example: flashing lights, sound recording, animal sound, sound effect shots, calculators, games, organ, remote control devices and siren led chip)b. processing bonding (pcb bonding), patch (smt) and after welding assemblyc. oem / odm electronic gifts, electric toys, electronic watches, clocks, games, birthday cards / cards, usb drives, computer peripheral products, mp3 and other related electronics we offer responsible and professional serv... [More details]
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