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Wuhan Tianyi Electronics Co., Ltd.

Medical Devices,Animal & Veterinary

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wuhan tianyi electronics co., ltd. was founded in 1998. we are a high-tech joint-stock enterprise, specializing in the research and development, production and sale of medical equipment including b-ultrasonic machines and medical ultrasound imaging systems, with strong capability to develop new products. our company has launched ty-6809 series, ty-6858 series and a number of other new products. in 2008, our company launched a grand series of digital b-ultrasound diagnostic apparatus in the forefront of the industry, greatly meeting the needs of a vast number of users. advanced technology, sophisticated design, scientific management, strict quality control, as well as life-after-sales service make our products popular in hospitals and clinics. our products have been widely used in medical ultrasound diagnosis in liver, gall and spleen, pancreas, kidney, heart, bladder, uterus, and fetus. we also have family planning departments to check the pregnancy and others for the obstetrics and... [More details]
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