10 digital frequency counter

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Place of Origin: Fujian China (Mainland) Model Number: SS7301 Display Type: Digital Only

single resolution reach 500ps for measurement
16-bit microcontroller and data processing high speed

features :

  • high accuracy, the resolution is 10 digits /s.
  • single resolution can reach 500ps.
  • the frequency measurement of ch1 can reach to 200mhz.
  • the maximum frequency’s measurement can reach to 16 ghz (optional)
  • 16-bit microchip microcontroller is used and the speed of data processing is fast.
  • large scale integrated circuit and cpld and high reliability.
  • with the functions of limit and mathematics for frequency measurement
  • with the statistics functions of average, maximum value, minimum value, ppm, standard deviation and allan variance for frequency measurement
  • standard interface is usb, gpib and rs232.
  • high-stability crystal oscillator is optional.
  • comfortable vision and clarity with vfd display


resolution10 digits /s
frequencych10.001hz ~ 200 mhz
ch2optional: 3ghz, 6.5ghz
ch3optional: 3ghz, 6.5ghz, 12.4ghz, 16ghz
periodch15ns ~1000s
dynamic range50mvrms~1.0vrms (sine);  
150mvp-p~4.5vp-p (pulse)                       
input couplingac or dc
input impedance50ω or 1mω
input trigger moderising and falling edge
input attenuationx1 or x10
low filtercutoff frequency approx. 100khz
trigger level-5.000v ~ +5.000v, step 5mv
interfacestandardusb, rs-232



nominal frequency10mhz10mhz
second stability1×10-85×10-12
boot characteristic1×10-6/8 hour5×10-9/8 hour
daily aging   --5×10-10/day


optionsfrequency rangedynamic  range
  3ghz100mhz~3ghz-27dbm~+19dbm sine (frequency: 100mhz~2.6ghz)
-15dbm~+19dbm sine (frequency: 2.6ghz~3ghz)
  6.5ghz200mhz~6.5ghz200mhz~400mhz         -15dbm~+13dbm
400mhz~6.5ghz         -20dbm ~+13dbm
 12.4ghz6.5ghz ~ 12.4ghz-18dbm ~  +10dbm
  16ghz6.5ghz ~ 16ghz6.5ghz~12.4ghz         -18dbm ~  +10dbm
12.4ghz~16ghz          -15dbm ~  +10dbm


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