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photosynthetic bacteria

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Type: Fish Meal Use: Fish Grade: A Packaging: as your request Place of Origin: Tianjin China (Mainland) Brand Name: Huge Roc Model Number: fish meal use: feed

the photosynthetic bacteria:
1. name:psb
2. manual select-raise, best choice for aquatic green breeding.

photosynthetic bacteria:      abbr. name: psb

main composition and content:

rhodopseudomonas palustric, rhodopseudomonas chlorobium, rhodospirillum an growth-promoting gene and carrier, psb cell total≥200/g.

main function:

a. well absorb the harmful substance such as ammonia nitrogen, nitroso nitrogen, sulfureted

hydrogen, etc. promote the circulation of organic substance, and purify the water quality.

b. form the advantage immunity maintain the micro-zoology balance of water body, to  

restrain the reproduction of pathogeny microorganism, prevent the disease of aquatic, overcome the defect of disinfector, be good for decomposing the harmful

substance in water.

c. culture the float animal, increase the nature bait, to reduce the bait dosage.

d. increase the transparence of water body, promote the photosynthesis of floating

plant and increase indirectly the oxygen

e. speed up the growth of aquatic; improve the metabolism of animal body, to strengthen its immunity system, increase the immunity and  resistance to disease.


the photosynthetic bacteria from breeding pond is a kind of solid biology preparation made

by manual select-raise and reproduction via modern biological engineering technology. its main

characteristics include: good adaptability. composing much fungus. high bacteria quantity, rich

nutrition, strong clean-water ability, high bait conversion efficiency fine effect to improve water

quality.widely used in freshwater and seawater breeding, it is the best choice for aquatic green breeding.

usage and dosage:

a.  activate of 2-4h the product with the 30-40 pond water, then dilute and evenly splash. dosage for the first time:12kg/acre.m,once every 10-15,thereafter half dosage.

b.  for high temperature and rainy season of worsen water quality, continually use

for 3 days, dosage: 12kg/acre. after water quality is good. once every 7-10days,half dosage

c. as the open-mouth bait, before the young begin to open mouth, splash in the full pond, dosage: 60kg/acre. water surface.

d. mix directly into the bait, dosage: fish and shrimp 1.5-2% bait, growth period 0.5-1%, eel.soft shelled turtle. river crab, prawn 1.5-2%


a. do not mix with antibiotic and disinfector, if use, must confirm that antibiotic and disinfector was invalid

b. after using the product, do not exchange water in 3 days

c. reduce 25% water-exchange quantity for the pond with the product.

d.agilely control the continuity and dosage of the product using, to maintain some colony advantage

storge:store in cool, windy and dry place.

packing: reference the picture,as your request.

delivery detail:15 days after ordering(asap)

shelflife: 24 months.

carried standard: the international standards, such as bp, usp, fcc, etc. and china national standard:gb.

export areas: australia, spain, singapore, portugal, malaysia, india, pakistan, turkey, nepal, egypt, south africa, romania, etc.

if you have any requirements, please contact us, we will provide you with our best sevices.



Packaging Detail: Reference the picture,as your request.
Delivery Detail 15 days after ordering(ASAP)
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